Trading Post

Coming soon……continue to metal art. A selection of Bison skulls, hides, and goods.   American Bison Robe   This skull is from Curly Bill, Curly was so named for his horn curl. He was an awesome breeding bull who passed about a year ago. His skull is not for sale, just wanted you to see how massive they are and their skulls don’t really do them justice. RIP Curly.     Horn Caps    

Leather Hides & Robes

All about bison leather hides and robes………. Buffalo Hides History  Humanity has used animal hides since the Paleolithic, for clothing as well as mobile shelters such as tipis and wigwams, and household items. Since ancient times, hides have also been used as a writing medium, ie; parchment. Long before Europeans came here, tribes were already trading among themselves, trading fruit of the hunts for farm products. Nomads offered bison hides, robes, fat and dried meat in return for vegetables and tobacco of the villagers. In the 1700’s with early explorers, the trade expanded. White mans goods for beautiful tanned buffalo hides. By … Read more