The Battle of Adobe Walls

A bit of frontier history, told to the narrator by the men who made it. EDWARD CAMPBELL LITTLE Drawings by Harvey T. Dunn The Kansas buffalo hunters invaded the Texas Panhandle and the Llano Estacado in force in the spring of 1874; in five months it is said they slew a hundred thousand bison. The deserted Adobe Walls, a station established by Spanish friars, French Canadian hunters or General Howe’s soldiers, was selected as the rendezvous for these hunters, who came from Dodge City, one hundred and seventy-five miles away.  Three ‘ business houses’ and a blacksmith shop gave token … Read more

Buffalo Wallows

Wallows have been used for: (DE) Diatomaceous Earth and Bison    A dusting bowl for bison  Tank for holding water  A place for new life to form  Hiding place from the enemy  Hiding place for stolen goods  Gravesite  Starting a garden / 1888 Definition: BUFFALO WALLOWS – (1) Curious depressions in the prairies are so called. These, says Colonel Dodge, are formed in the following manner. A heavy rainfall deluges the hard and level country. The water is soon absorbed by the thirsty soil, or licked up by the hot sun-rays: a portion of the soil, a little more moist … Read more