Southern Plains Bison: Dec 2014

Plains Bison

Christmas is 360 days away and people already have their lights up!

It’s all about perspective… For those folks that my little comedic intro applies to; it might also be about preparedness and efficiency. My personal perspective, as a southern plains bison steward, is that the cool season and winter months are when; ‘the livin is easy’… but I tend to be busy in October.  Folks who tend otherwise are going to be much more focused on efficiency and preparedness with hay and supplementation. This is the time of year to watch the subordinates more than the others. Their condition may tell you many things, including how good your distribution methods are. In a buffalo herd, the ole chuck wagon is very political. The biggest and strongest animals rule, so it is our job as stewards to experiment with distribution until every animal gets supplemented. Every herd will be a little different and require a method tailored to its behaviors. Be watchful that the weak eat and observant of their body-score because they_ are your management instrumentation.


Calves at Christmas

Another thing that happens this time of year is opportunities to glean perspectives from your neighbors in the bison biz. Some people put their lights up early – some don’t do anything, but they all celebrate this amazing animal and try their best to steward them with conscience. There’s a bison conference and/or sale under every leaf throughout the fall and winter where herds of buffalo-people gather with bags-of-buffalo-tricks they are willing to share. Behind them, across North America and the globe, roam the herds of American icons to which the offerings of expertise apply. Personally, I have not attended one yet without learning something…  It’s all about perspective…

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