Southern Plains Pointers: Aug 2013

Southern Plains Pointers

The dog-days of summer are upon us in the southern plains and hopefully we have all our preparations for a strong breeding season in order and working. If you’re catching up, then exhaust solutions to herd management that do not_ require high levels of stress, handling or hauling. If this is not possible, then plan activities at night, dusk or dawn. In July and August, if I have to haul bison, I prefer to do it at night. This decision transcends humane to shrewd-business whereas heat-stress will_ directly effect my bottom line.

Keep an eye on your bison: in the relentless heat of summer in the southern plains, watch for body score changes of the herd and correct them by knowing your dynamics. Those dynamics are:
1) parasite loads
2) Nutritional regime realities
3) Water quality (check it for micro-mineral antagonists)
4) salt and mineral supplementation.
Summer in the southern plains and breeding season are very dynamic! Knowing your facts, specific to your land and your herd, will help.

By: Tim Frasier, Frasier Bison LLC.

Southern Pains Pointers