Bison Meat

USDA Bison Market Reports Bison Meat Recipes Buffalo Tongue Market   The Campsite and Processing Area Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump The flat area immediately below the kill site was where the hunters camped while they finished butchering the buffalo. A few tipi rings, the stones used to anchor tipis against the wind, can still be seen on the prairie level. It was here that meat was sliced into thin strips and hung on racks to dry in the sun. Large leg bones were smashed to remove the nutritious marrow, and the numerous boiling pits excavated by archaeologists in this … Read more

For the love of Texas Bison & Wine- April 2016

For the love of Texas Bison and Texas Wine by Dan Humphries  Bull Dancer Bison Ranch As a bison rancher that sells grass fed bison meat and also products in the wine industry I want to share the excitement in the Texas Wine industry about the paring of Texas Bison Meat and Texas Wines.  I have worked with many Texas Wineries in supplying bison meat with wine parings for special events.  I now am excited to share with Bison Ranchers and Bison Meat Lovers some of the Texas Wines recommended with your favorite Bison Meat recipes. The Grilled Grape-Leaf Wrapped … Read more