Rainfall Amounts; June 2014

I’d like to congratulate all of you who received plentiful rainfall this year.  We’ve missed out on most of it here in the northern kingdom but still have our fingers crossed. I’m hearing reports of verdant pastures and wildflowers from places that have been parched for too long.

Now, look at those lovely green acres and imagine that you could keep that going even in drought cycles.  How?  Strategic water conveyance!  Yes, water harvesting swales, structures, techniques and technology takes the rain falling on your ranch and puts it to work for you instead of letting it run away to the ocean and take your topsoil with it.  P.A. Yeomans was a mining engineer in Australia who developed Keyline Design from his understanding of hydrology. One of his books is titled, ‘Water for Every Farm’.  Water is life.  If you capture your water effectively, build a soil food web and practice rotational grazing on well-adapted grassland, you’ll look back and say,”why wasn’t I doing this all along?”  Give me a call and I’d be glad to help.

Ben Tyler,