pure blood bison

Buffalo Hunt in Taylor County, 1874

Texas History

<< Previous  Next>> Texas History Texas History A metal arrow point from a long ago bison hunt still stuck […]

New Zealand map

New Zealand

/ / Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand Breeders Directory New Zealand has no native livestock, but […]

Lakota Star Quilt

Sioux Lakota

Apache – Arapaho – Blackfeet – Carrizo Comecrudo – Cherokee – Cheyenne – Chickasaw – Choctaw  Comanche – […]

"Foot of Toroweap Looking East" by William H. Holmes (1882). Artwork such as this was used to popularize the Grand Canyon area.

Grand Canyon

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1908 Census of pure bloods


<< Previous  Next>> The National Tribune of Wa. D.C. Jan 16 1908 A.M.P., London, Ky., wrties: In a […]