A cross of cattle and bison/buffalo.

Buffalo Hunt in Taylor County, 1874

Texas History

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"Foot of Toroweap Looking East" by William H. Holmes (1882). Artwork such as this was used to popularize the Grand Canyon area.

Grand Canyon

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Buffalo at National Park Wainwright Winnipeg Tribune Aug 21 1937

Canada History

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Buffalo Bull 1906 by Everett Harold Baynes, NH

H.E. Baynes

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Buffalo Jones and Army Scout Holt with a captured bison calf on a sled.

C.J. Jones

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Riders of the dying buffalo on the Goddnight ranch Oct1916


<< Previous  Next>> The Washington Post, October 22, 1916 HUNTED BUFFALO AS IN THE OLD DAYS Indians on […]


<< Previous  Next>> Richmond Times Dispatch, June 9 1915 The Catalo The cross-breeding of the buffalo and the […]

Teddy on Antelope Island


<< Previous  Next>> Buffaloes on Antelope Island Contradict Plaint That Their Species Is Rapidly Becoming Extinct The Salt […]

1908 Census of pure bloods


<< Previous  Next>> The National Tribune of Wa. D.C. Jan 16 1908 A.M.P., London, Ky., wrties: In a […]

WCS Herd


<< Previous  Next>> 1907 “Mr. Ernest Harold Baynes Driving the Only Team of Buffaloes in the World” “Copyright, […]


<< Previous  Next>> The Topeka Daily Capital Nov 10 1905 “BUFFALO” JONES AND HIS “CATTALO” ROBE Topeka Man […]

Bison herd


<< Previous  Next>> Evening Star February 08, 1902 LAST OF THE BUFFALO Congress Asked to Establish a Great […]