Bison Speak

Gathering information, I look forward to showing you what I have found. This page might be a little disorganized while I try and publish and post at the same time. Please bear with me. Coming soon


I will discuss how bison speak with each other and how people and bison communicate with each other.

How people communicate with bison and how the bison responds, lays the foundation for all possibilities. No different from how we interact with each other. When visiting a bison ranch, one can discern through the bison whether they are being well handled based on their behaviors. I say this only because I was visiting a ranch over 20 years ago and was heavily warned about the bison. Since all those years ago managing bison has changed all over North America, it seems everyone has learned and is still learning the best management practices. Its changed to low-stress handling and concern for healthy happy bison. I rarely hear a person call them “big & dumb”any more, though there are still a few out there.

There was an instance when I was assisting someone in training their colts, and he shared his past difficulties with other trainers. I responded, emphasizing that the horse itself conveys all the necessary information. Horses are honest creatures; if displeased, they will express it via a change in behavior or acting up. The key lies in our ability to observe and interpret these signals.

In bison there are subtle signs, knowing your bison helps you read those signs. Observations can be as a group or herd behavior and individual behaviors. Every bison has their own personality, they are not all alike.