William T Hornaday

Who Saved The Bison

Who Saved The Bison Who saved the buffalo During the mid 1800’s people started realizing the importance of the buffalo, […]

https://allaboutbison.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Fate-of-the-Bison and Indians July 29 1895


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Buffalo at National Park Wainwright Winnipeg Tribune Aug 21 1937

Canada History

<< Previous  Next>> /  In 1786 statistics show that over 705,000 skins were exported from Québec alone, […]

Buffalo Bull 1906 by Everett Harold Baynes, NH

H.E. Baynes

<< Previous  Next>> “Buffalo Bull” “Copyright 1906, by Everett Harold Baynes, Meriden, N. H.” Original vintage lithograph postcard, […]


<< Previous   A BISON HUNT LIKE THE DAYS OF BUFFALO BILL! San Francisco Chronicle Nov 18 1923 […]


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Sir Donald Killed


<< Previous  Next>> / 1909  The White House Theodore Roosevelt ordered the carvings on the main stone mantel […]

1908 Census of pure bloods


<< Previous  Next>> The National Tribune of Wa. D.C. Jan 16 1908 A.M.P., London, Ky., wrties: In a […]

WCS Herd


<< Previous  Next>> 1907 “Mr. Ernest Harold Baynes Driving the Only Team of Buffaloes in the World” “Copyright, […]


<< Previous  Next>> The Times, Pa., Jan. 21 1901 AMERICAN BISON ……Naturalist Declare the Animals Are Increasing in […]


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William T. Hornaday checking bison

American Bison Society

<< Previous  Next>> 1901 William T. Hornaday checking bison in New York zoo.  The American Bison Society (ABS) […]