Who Saved The Bison

Who Saved The Bison Who saved the buffalo During the mid 1800’s people started realizing the importance of the buffalo, […]

More Albetra Bison being shipped


The Buffalo Commercial Buffalo, New York Feb 16, 1882 –By Imperial permission, a bison hunt was recently organized […]

The Baltimore Sun Maryland June 21 1864


Catalo / Beefalo as known today. The bum-steer of yesteryear; and the burden of proof . ……When I […]

Buffalo at National Park Wainwright Winnipeg Tribune Aug 21 1937

Canada History

<< Previous  Next>> /  In 1786 statistics show that over 705,000 skins were exported from Québec alone, […]

Bison Bones


Canada Bison  Prehistoric Bison These bones belong to a prehistoric bison. The photo was taken by either myself, […]

Ulm , First Peoples Jump

Buffalo Jumps

Buffalo Jumps & Kill Sites Try Ancient Bison for more information. Wednesday May 29th 1805. -Today we passed […]

Buffalo Bull 1906 by Everett Harold Baynes, NH

H.E. Baynes

<< Previous  Next>> “Buffalo Bull” “Copyright 1906, by Everett Harold Baynes, Meriden, N. H.” Original vintage lithograph postcard, […]


<< Previous   A BISON HUNT LIKE THE DAYS OF BUFFALO BILL! San Francisco Chronicle Nov 18 1923 […]


<< Previous  Next>> The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Jan 14 1912 BROOKLYNITES TAKE LEAD IN GAME PRESERVATION Prof. Franklin […]

Sir Donald Killed


<< Previous  Next>> / 1909  The White House Theodore Roosevelt ordered the carvings on the main stone mantel […]

WCS Herd


<< Previous  Next>> 1907 “Mr. Ernest Harold Baynes Driving the Only Team of Buffaloes in the World” “Copyright, […]

The Brooklyn Daily Sept 16 1906 pic from article


<< Previous  Next>> 1906 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Sept 16 1906 Uncle Sam’s Bureau of Information for Sportsmen […]