“Buffalo” Jones

C.J. “Buffalo” Jones, Charles Jesse Jones

Who Saved The Bison

Who Saved The Bison Who saved the buffalo During the mid 1800’s people started realizing the importance of the buffalo, […]

https://allaboutbison.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Fate-of-the-Bison and Indians July 29 1895


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Buffalo Hunt in Taylor County, 1874

Texas History

<< Previous  Next>> Texas History Texas History A metal arrow point from a long ago bison hunt still stuck […]

"Foot of Toroweap Looking East" by William H. Holmes (1882). Artwork such as this was used to popularize the Grand Canyon area.

Grand Canyon

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The Baltimore Sun Maryland June 21 1864


Catalo / Beefalo as known today. The bum-steer of yesteryear; and the burden of proof . ……When I […]

Buffalo Jones and Army Scout Holt with a captured bison calf on a sled.

C.J. Jones

<< Previous  Next>> / C.J. Jones “Buffalo Jones” He was born in 1844, Illinois, the first born of […]


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1908 Census of pure bloods


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The Brooklyn Daily Sept 16 1906 pic from article


<< Previous  Next>> 1906 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Sept 16 1906 Uncle Sam’s Bureau of Information for Sportsmen […]

Bison herd


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