Avesta Bison Park Sweden Avesta European Bison Park

Welcome to one of Northern Europe’s leading breeding facilities for the conservation of the European bison, less commonly known as the wisent. The European bison is an endangered species. After the First World War there were only around 50 individuals left in Europe. Today there are almost 3000 European bison living in various zoological and national parks. ∼




Bisonfarmen i Gate (Bison Farm in Gate)
Sweden Bison Bisonfarmen i Gate

……At Mobolets Farm in West Gotaland, (Sweden) We have American bison since 2004, imported from the U.S.. Today there are about 125 animals in the herd. They can be seen on guided tours with tractor and prairie wagon. The Farm is beautifully located with an amazing view over a great part of the lake Vättern and The Forest of Hökensås. Bison Farm at Gate has 138 acres of pasture divided into seven enclosures. The animals are moved from enclosure to enclosure to meet the needs of new grass. In the wintertime the animals are fed with hay. At the farm breeding and meat production are the main activities. Breeding stock for sale is available. Please contact us for Further Information. All the pictures are from our farm.

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The European Bison in Sweden

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